The warranty period is 24 months from the date of purchase by the consumer. During the warranty period, the Manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace the product free of charge if the product malfunction is due to the manufacturer's fault.

This warranty is valid upon presentation of the defective product together with a correctly completed warranty card.

The seller has the right to refuse warranty service in the following cases:
• in the absence of a warranty card or if the warranty card is not filled in completely, incorrectly or illegible;
• the product malfunction was the result of a safety violation or neglect;
• damage caused by improper use;
• the product has received mechanical damage as a result of impact or fall, or the use of excessive force;
• damage caused by excessive loading;
• damage caused by changes to the product design;
• rubber and air-inflatable parts of products are mechanically damaged;
• with natural wear of parts with a limited service life;
• normal fading;
• service maintenance during the warranty period was carried out by an unauthorized person;
• damage caused by the impact of natural disasters, natural factors.
The warranty does not cover:
• all elements made of fabric and oilcloth; • shopping baskets;
• zippers and rivets;
• raincoats;
• mosquito net;
• bags and attachments to them;
• wheel rotation clamps; • hinge blocks of handles.
• The warranty does not include free delivery of the defective product to the service department or home visits by technical personnel.
• Only clean products are accepted for warranty repair.
• The repair time depends on the complexity and availability of spare parts and can last from 7 to 30 days.
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