Cot bed Pinocchio

-Delivery to you in 2 to 3 weeks
-Production time 2-3 weeks

Newborn babies sleep about 70% of the time - present the sweetest dreams to the future champion ❤
Will the Pinocchio cot guide you in this?
⭐️For safety, all parts of the crib are rounded, without protruding corners;
⭐Safe distance between slats complies with standards;
⭐️Movable sidewall; Reliable mechanism for lowering the side;
⭐️Protective profile-pad (rodent) on the upper part of the sidewall, which protects the child's teeth;
⭐️The bottom of the crib is installed at two heights;
⭐️Bed on hinges with a closed bed box on telescopic guides;
⭐️Possibility of completing with wheels for convenient movement around the room;
⭐️Material of production - alder.
⭐Size 120 * 60.
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