Protective Cot Bumper

Protective Cot Bumper to the bed Sleepy and Soft

Length 3 meters

Height 15 + \ - 2cm.

Care instructions:
  • Dry cleaning or hand washing at a temperature of 30 - 35 degrees is recommended to avoid deformation of the fabric,
  • Rinse gently,
  • Wring carefully, without wringing with your hands.
  • The detergent should not be aggressive, preferably liquid, without the addition of bleach and chlorine.
  • Bleaching agents can destroy the waffle fabric, or make it brittle.
  • Small stains can be carefully removed with diluted detergents applied to the sponge. It is better to dry away from direct sunlight and heating devices in a straightened form on a towel, but do not stretch. The remaining water must be allowed to drain.
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